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Shad's First Flight

Yesterday I took my son up in a small airplane for the first time. A fellow pilot friend Bill sent me a tweet that he needed a co-pilot for the fly to Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) from Stellar Air Park (P19) for Cutter Aviation's free BBQ so I said sure then asked if Shad (who is 18 months-old) could come too he said he didn't have a problem with that. Below are some of the pictures from the flight and the audio from the short flight home. Shad had a good time the only part he cried was when the engine started and got hit with the wind from the prop blast but it was short lived. He did great.   Download the Podcast Shad "helping" with the preflight All strapped in ready to go. This is taken in the air although you can't really tell. He was a little unsure. Captain Bill On Final Runway 25L  After we touched down he fell asleep I guess it was stressful. the BBQ area at the end flight crew He slept the whole way home. A good flight