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President and guns

Well today two big things happened we learned who McCain's pick for VP is. Now for the passed little while now I've been going back and forth about who I should vote for. When Obama picked his VP I wasn't to impressed about what the man did and stood for but now it's clear Palin sealed the deal for me. well just look at this: She has a float plane! and loves to hunt and fish. How cool is that they got my vote. Oh, if you haven't voted yet here place do so on the right side of the screen. The other thing that happened today was I bought an AR-15 well sort-of. If you are wondering what an AR-15 is it's the semi-auto version of an M-16 see below: But with my first piece I didn't buy that whole thing just the part with the serial number on it that part the government considers the "firearm" this: It's not much I know and it will be a little while til I get all the parts together that I want and it needs to shoot. But it's a start and it'll

support aviation

New saying

well I learned a new saying today from the old guy who works in the pilot shop. He is one of those people that you always seem to talk and then some who he talks about the days when he was flying. Good guy. Reminds me of my grandpa. So I leaving the store he says referring to me flying,  "Hey you have fun, remember It's the best you can do with your clothes on."   I thought about it and I like it and for me it's true.

new cars!... but not for me

It all started on Sunday I get a call from my mom and she says we have to come over they have a surprise to show us. With that I knew they bought something and I knew it's has to big because they won't tell us what it was. I thought it a car or a new TV. I was hoping it was a TV because then we would get there old one. They told all this while we were at urgent care finding out Jessica has strep. After getting the meds and getting Jessica comfortable I went to my parents and I pulled in the drive and saw 2 new cars a Nissan Titan and an Xterra.  My dad had always wanted a truck and has been trying to get on for the past 10 years or so. I guess there was a deal in the paper where you could buy one car and get another for a dollar so they did that and got the 2nd car planning on selling it before they have to pay anything on it.  I took them both for a test drive I like them both. So if there is anyone out there that wants a 2008 Xterra with less then 100 miles on it let them or

Sick... well not me...

first things first we sold are love seat and our sofa so the pic below with those two around the love sac is no more. now it's just the love sac. We are planning on buying a sofa sometime but I don't know when. but for right now Jessica is sick. She felt bad on Saturday and then sunday she was no good. we went to one of those urgent care centers and found it was Strep-throat. She went to target and got some drugs and have been inside ever since well except for this morning when we drove to her school and had to finish up stuff for the sub. luckily we've signed up for a free trail of Netflix and have been watching ER all weekend and today we're into season 9 now (dr. greene just died). and no we didn't start at season 1. I like it but ya... all signed up for classes heres a list if you would to know: - AMT 214 Comml/Instrument Ground School 1 - AMT 280 Aero Structures/Matl & Systems + Lab - AMT 200 Flight Safety 2 - AMT 201 Air Traffic Control - PHY 111 Gene

Love Sac

Here it is! The LoveSac Yes and it is wonderful after the 3 days it took to fluff it. They don't tell you about that when you buy it.  We love the Sac! 


This is the Greenbook . I made it a few months ago for my brother. It's all the really good talks that I found on my mission and most the talks that are sited in Preach My Gospel. I think it's way cool. You can order one for your self from the link above. I don't make any profit.