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Sick... well not me...

first things first we sold are love seat and our sofa so the pic below with those two around the love sac is no more. now it's just the love sac. We are planning on buying a sofa sometime but I don't know when.

but for right now Jessica is sick. She felt bad on Saturday and then sunday she was no good. we went to one of those urgent care centers and found it was Strep-throat. She went to target and got some drugs and have been inside ever since well except for this morning when we drove to her school and had to finish up stuff for the sub.

luckily we've signed up for a free trail of Netflix and have been watching ER all weekend and today we're into season 9 now (dr. greene just died). and no we didn't start at season 1. I like it but ya...

all signed up for classes heres a list if you would to know:

-AMT 214 Comml/Instrument Ground School 1
-AMT 280 Aero Structures/Matl & Systems + Lab
-AMT 200 Flight Safety 2
-AMT 201 Air Traffic Control
-PHY 111 General Physics + Lab
-AMP 301 Intro Statistics
-PIM 115 Beginning Pima Conversation 1 (at SCC)

all and all 21 credits you might be wondering why I'm taking Pima. well no only because my wife is half Pima Indian and we are taking the class together along with her sister. But I'm also going to minor in American Indian Studies it looked really interesting so i'm going to go for it. 

so right now i'm just waiting for the storm know as school to begin next week, and football to start we both have season tickets, I'm so excited 


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