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Free Flying!

Download podcast here: This flight is my first really funded flight flying for the Civil Air Patrol  that I flew last Tuesday. My  squadron at Falcon Field Airport ( FFZ ) just got a plane assigned to them again and today I signed up for a crew pick up flight. The Arizona Wing does consolidated maintenance and for good or for bad some has to go pick up the pilot that takes their plane in to the shop in Payson ( PAN ). On this flight I pick up a pilot after he dropped off his plane and took him back to his car at Chandler Municipal ( CHD ). Falcon Field like many in the Phoenix valley has its roots as an Army Air Corps field build for training British pilot in World War II. Falcon Field was it's original name give to it by the British in the 40's and the name has suck since. Currently it has one 5100ft and a parallel 3800ft runways and is one of the busier airports in the valley one probably my favorite.  This

[Video] B-17 at IWA doing touch-n-gos

Boeing B-17 touch-n-gos at IWA from Trevor Smith on Vimeo . Podcast Download: I was driving (Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010) to  Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport  where I go to school  back from lunch and looked up and saw the B-17G Sentimental Journey fly over the car on final a few hundred feet off the ground doing touch-n-gos. The plane is based at Falcon Field (FFZ), just to the north of IWA, and operated by the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force  I've never see a B-17 flying before and it was quite a sight. The video in the podcast feed is a lower quality the one found on the blog so it can be viewed on an ipod 

Mom's First Flight

This episode is my mother and I flying back from Payson, AZ to have breakfast with my Grandpa on his 79th Birthday. Mom did great she was a little nervous but that is normal from anyone who hasn't sent too much time in little airplanes. Here is a link to her blog where she talks about the flight and posts a few more pictures. The breakfast crew