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Jessica's First Flight!

6 am Friday morning we got up and drove out to Chandler Municipal Airport got in the rental that we had reserved the night before and took off.  pre-flight  I look so serious  I-10 , 51, and 202 We took off and went over Phoenix and saw sky harbor. We went up and about Deer valley airport, Scottsdale and Falcon Field. Then flew over Jessica's school which she thought was rather cool. Sky Harbor Her school After fly by my school and the airport I fly out of we can back to chandler I got of the wrong frequency when trying to talk to chandler tower :) but we made it all right. They say a private pilots license is really just a license to learn. After the flight we had breakfast at the restaurant they have on the field there. It was good and all and all is was a good morning. Jessica never even got sick. 

Missionary Brother

I have a brother that is on a mission. He went in to the mtc yesterday afternoon. I think it's really weird to think about or more to realize. I've been thinking about what I wanted to do and tell him about the mission that I didn't know or that I wish some one had told me. I thought of about everything I think but I've been think so long when he would go and now it's his time. He was so ready and excited to go. My mom texted me as they were leaving the mtc and said "I'm a missionary mom again" I didn't really know what to say to that. I've never been on this side of the mission before. Seeing them leave makes me want to be on my mission again. For being so hard that is was it was also so wonderful. He'll come back changed but I'm exited to see the change in the making through the letters and all.  For those who don't know he is now in the Provo, UT Missionary Training Center (mtc) he'll be there 3 weeks then he's off to the

Private Pilot

Thats right as of Tuesday I'm a Pilot sure I can't get paid for it yet but that will come. I had my re-check today because I didn't pass all the way last week when I did my check ride for the first time. I did everything great but I got lost on the flight plan part when you are suppose to simulate a deviation to another airport and I told myself what I needed to but didn't do it I was too nerves. Today was a cake walk I had to go up and and not get lost. Also last time he go at me because I didn't use the GPS in the airplane when all I've been taught is during check rides don't use the GPS don't even look at the GPS. So when he said use it I did and it was done like that.  Now that is done I start to work towards my commercial license which will take alittle longer because I'll work at my instrument rating so I can fly in clouds and in visibly and so forth. I went down to the Chandler airport yesterday and got checked out to rent planes from them. I

Places I've Flown to

View Larger Map I thought this was cool I posted a list of places that I've flown to so far in my short flight career and I'll continue to up date the map. I'm almost done with my private pilots license, there were some complications with my check ride (final flying test) so instead of Saturday it's on Tuesday morning nest week so wish me luck.