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Private Pilot

Thats right as of Tuesday I'm a Pilot sure I can't get paid for it yet but that will come. I had my re-check today because I didn't pass all the way last week when I did my check ride for the first time. I did everything great but I got lost on the flight plan part when you are suppose to simulate a deviation to another airport and I told myself what I needed to but didn't do it I was too nerves. Today was a cake walk I had to go up and and not get lost. Also last time he go at me because I didn't use the GPS in the airplane when all I've been taught is during check rides don't use the GPS don't even look at the GPS. So when he said use it I did and it was done like that. 

Now that is done I start to work towards my commercial license which will take alittle longer because I'll work at my instrument rating so I can fly in clouds and in visibly and so forth.

I went down to the Chandler airport yesterday and got checked out to rent planes from them. I want to get me endorsement to fly taildraggers from them some time soon but my first thing I want to take Jessica up ASAP. She is a little nervous but once she gets in the air I think she'll love it. I hope. :)


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[Video] Sells, AZ E78 airport

I Flew to Sells, AZ today. I love finding and going to new airports. This one is a smaller airport with tight runway with cracks in the pavement lined with bushes and trees. I had never landed with trees so close to the runway it was a neat new experience. This is looking down runway 22 

My trusty 152 at the runway 4 end.

The house that had a helicopter take off from it and what looked like a fuel truck was there.
What was the FBO.
E78 from the air.
Saw this after I landed at Chandler (CHD).  very nice.

I got My Tailwheel endorsement!

Some of you might be asking your self what a tailwheel endorsement is. Well as a private pilot I can fly but not all types of airplane and to fly different kinds of plane I need to get training in that kind of plane then get sign off by an instructor or what called an endorsement. The last 2 weeks or so i've be flying the little red taildragger shown about. It's really fun to fly very touchy but can be so smooth. I got the sign off on Wednesday day and then Nick and I went up yesterday we had a little bumpily landings but it was fun and it's cheap to rent. Jessica won't go up with me though because it is an old plane, from 1942, and not all metal. The wings and most of the fuselage are steel tubing covered with vinyl. I'm bummed because it's safe but that's ok I'll just find a taildragger out of metal and take her up.

Page AZ the Vortex where things go wrong

View CHD-U77 in a larger map

Still trying to get my 250nm solo cross country I decided to fly to Utah last Wednesday. Jessica had driven up with her mom the to be where it is cool and help her grandma. The plan was to fly up on Wednesday and back on Friday. Although I was taking a faster Cessna 172 it couldn't make the 455nm flight to Spanish Fork so I had to stop somewhere for fuel
The flight was going great until I got to Page, AZ, my planned stop for fuel. The landing I made was beautiful if I don't say so, but it was really rough after the nose wheel touched so I taxied off. Low and behold the nose tire was flat. So 2 1/2 hours later because of the incompetency of the mechanic there I was back in the air.
The stay in Utah was great nice cool air and temps with a wonderful wife. Friday on the way back everything was great until I got to Page. I landed, fueled up everything seemed normal got in the plane the thing wouldn't start. The starter wasn't engaging the prop. I …