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Moving and flying

Today we moved in to our new new apartment today. I been slowly moving thing into the new place the past week but today my dad, Jordon, Jessica, and I moved the big things in. It only took the morning to do it. It looks so great. I love our new place everything is better it seems, it's bigger, nicer and quieter.  I flew to Kearny yesterday great little airport in the mountains south of Globe. I love flying and seeing new places like this.

Flying to the Grand Canyon

Flew up to the Grand Canyon yesterday. I needed to work on hours for my Commercial license and this seemed like a great way to do it. So my instructor and I flew up to the Grand Canyon airport when when we got there we saw this old Ford Tri-motor take off that does tours. Very neat.  We went into the Park and had lunch then went and looked around. This is snow in the desert. They had snow fall on Monday and this is what's left of a snow man. This is us flying over the east end of the canyon. Me :) flying over the west end Bright angel where we were just standing and ate lunch. the airport (GCN) Me in the plane after we were back in Chandler. (CHD)

Some pics of Flying the Champ

More endorsements

Last week I finished up on the two other endowments I was working on. One a high performance engine meaning I can fly an airplane with an engine over 200 horse power. Where before I couldn't. And my complex meaning I can fly a plane with a landing gear. Now on to my instrument training.

I got My Tailwheel endorsement!

Some of you might be asking your self what a tailwheel endorsement is. Well as a private pilot I can fly but not all types of airplane and to fly different kinds of plane I need to get training in that kind of plane then get sign off by an instructor or what called an endorsement. The last 2 weeks or so i've be flying the little red taildragger shown about. It's really fun to fly very touchy but can be so smooth. I got the sign off on Wednesday day and then Nick and I went up yesterday we had a little bumpily landings but it was fun and it's cheap to rent . Jessica won't go up with me though because it is an old plane, from 1942, and not all metal. The wings and most of the fuselage are steel tubing covered with vinyl. I'm bummed because it's safe but that's ok I'll just find a taildragger out of metal and take her up.


My wife tells me that we really waited in line for 45 min. not 20 min. It didn't seem that long to me but I guess it was.

the elections

Here is what is looked like on my neck of the woods. despite how long it looks the line was not really so bad we only waited in line for about 20 min. I voted for the Maverick and yes on 102. 102 passed but unlike the 17 polled on my blog that showed McCain winning by a land slide. He didn't pull it off. I voted for him because experience I think our country needs someone who know what they're doing in the white house. The rest of the country doesn't think so I guess.  I don't like to to think I'm against Obama. I don't hate him or really anything he's done. For most of the election I like him. I don't really have a reason to not trust him. I hope he does of a great job of turning the country around and we are all better for it.  Now this doesn't mean I'm not going to double up on the food storage and ammo. You never know what could be coming. It could be really good or really bad.

It Came, It finally came!

Yes it came! you are asking your self what and then sneaking a peek at the pictures below. I got a new license plate. For some time I've been obsessed for some reason with license plates. I've even had to change my mother-in-law's plate. It all started with Jessica's car and the dealership license plates cover that was around it. I wanted to take it off but she wouldn't let. She said it looked funny with out a cover. So I was out to find a new cover that fit just right. She loves frogs and was looking to something that was frog that didn't say "I'm a tree huger" and I couldn't ever find one so I went for the next best thing. School. I found the NAU bookstore , Jessica's alma mater, online and she found one she liked. and here it is I think. I fit her car quite well. In the mean time I was thinking about my own car and I been feeling that I need to jazz it up a bit. I bought a sparky sticker for the window but that just wasn't enough the

Arizona nummerbord; ruilen voor Nederlandse

Hoi iedereen, Ik heb mijn oud Arizona nummberbord en ik wil een Nederlandse bord hebben. Als iemand een heeft en met me wil ruilen A.U.B. geef me een email.

Fly-in, Scuba and sick

This weekend has been eventful to say the least. On last thursday Nick and I went to a Fly-in that we should of flown into. Because we went on a Thursday and not on the week end it was that busy and we should have rented a plane and flown in there. oh well maybe next year. Below is one the smallest plane we saw. It was on sale for $1900 so I bought it. Just kidding. It is so small that in order for me to fly it I would have to lose 40 lbs. In the back ground there is an old C-17 or DC-3 which ever you like to call it. but very cool none the less. We also went on a Helicopter ride. I'd never been on one. Nick is going to start he's training as a Helicopter pilot once he here's back for the FAA about he medical. They are know for taking their time with paperwork. We were going to go to the show on saturday but our scuba friend Ed (one on Nick's old companions for his mission) invited us to go diving with him. and I'd been wanting to get my feet wet for since I got my

Flying Quote

I found this great flying quote and just wanted to pass it on: “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci

No Keys and New Food

This afternoon I was at school and I locked my keys in car. It's the first time in a long time. And I'm surprised I hadn't done it at school before this but it happened and Jessica had to come bail me out. When she got here we went to try this fry bread place that her parents had tried called Cafe Laguna . Don't know why it's called that because it really has nothing to do with fry bread, but that's beside the point it was REALLY good. As good as this family famed place at the Trading Post  just north of Flagstaff in Cameron, Arizona . I would recommend Cafe Laguna to any one. Jessica and I should've spilt one so we would could have one of their good looking deserts but we were way too full. I have my keys now and it's all better. 

Canceled flight... again!

Last week we had a our department meeting and had the big wigs in the department all excited about how this semester we had 30 new students to the flight program and had to hire 8 new instructors. Great I think it's great that is the program is grow but wait there is a problem 30 new students adding to the 50 that were already there all trying to fly on the same amount of aircraft. See the problem ya. This week I've had to cancel 3 times to because they didn't have a plane for me. I the reason I get the short end of the stick is because I have to do long cross countries right now and have to take more block time then normal. It's letting me fly or two others and the two others get fixed I have some other thing brewing about what I'm going to do but it is pretty ridiculous.

Dirt Strip

Today before my class I took my friend Nick up and went flying. He is going to start he's flight training soon and this was also to give him a little extra push. Well it worked. We took off for CHD and I was headed for E81 in Superior, AZ there is a dirt strip there that I just wanted to touch down on and it got better. I was a little hesitant to go that way because it was a little hazy but we went on. I also didn't know if I wanted to touch down ether because the A/FD said there were large rocks on the field. We got closer and it just looked better and better then flew over at around 200ft and I didn't see any rocks so we circled around for a touch and go. (didn't have the money to stop) I floated a little long but made it down and up. I was so excited I forgot to tell Nick to record it. so the picture below it at the take-off you can see the field in the back ground. The most thrilling landing I've made since I started flying.

Jessica's First Flight!

6 am Friday morning we got up and drove out to Chandler Municipal Airport got in the rental that we had reserved the night before and took off.  pre-flight  I look so serious  I-10 , 51, and 202 We took off and went over Phoenix and saw sky harbor. We went up and about Deer valley airport, Scottsdale and Falcon Field. Then flew over Jessica's school which she thought was rather cool. Sky Harbor Her school After fly by my school and the airport I fly out of we can back to chandler I got of the wrong frequency when trying to talk to chandler tower :) but we made it all right. They say a private pilots license is really just a license to learn. After the flight we had breakfast at the restaurant they have on the field there. It was good and all and all is was a good morning. Jessica never even got sick. 

Missionary Brother

I have a brother that is on a mission. He went in to the mtc yesterday afternoon. I think it's really weird to think about or more to realize. I've been thinking about what I wanted to do and tell him about the mission that I didn't know or that I wish some one had told me. I thought of about everything I think but I've been think so long when he would go and now it's his time. He was so ready and excited to go. My mom texted me as they were leaving the mtc and said "I'm a missionary mom again" I didn't really know what to say to that. I've never been on this side of the mission before. Seeing them leave makes me want to be on my mission again. For being so hard that is was it was also so wonderful. He'll come back changed but I'm exited to see the change in the making through the letters and all.  For those who don't know he is now in the Provo, UT Missionary Training Center (mtc) he'll be there 3 weeks then he's off to the

Private Pilot

Thats right as of Tuesday I'm a Pilot sure I can't get paid for it yet but that will come. I had my re-check today because I didn't pass all the way last week when I did my check ride for the first time. I did everything great but I got lost on the flight plan part when you are suppose to simulate a deviation to another airport and I told myself what I needed to but didn't do it I was too nerves. Today was a cake walk I had to go up and and not get lost. Also last time he go at me because I didn't use the GPS in the airplane when all I've been taught is during check rides don't use the GPS don't even look at the GPS. So when he said use it I did and it was done like that.  Now that is done I start to work towards my commercial license which will take alittle longer because I'll work at my instrument rating so I can fly in clouds and in visibly and so forth. I went down to the Chandler airport yesterday and got checked out to rent planes from them. I

Places I've Flown to

View Larger Map I thought this was cool I posted a list of places that I've flown to so far in my short flight career and I'll continue to up date the map. I'm almost done with my private pilots license, there were some complications with my check ride (final flying test) so instead of Saturday it's on Tuesday morning nest week so wish me luck.

President and guns

Well today two big things happened we learned who McCain's pick for VP is. Now for the passed little while now I've been going back and forth about who I should vote for. When Obama picked his VP I wasn't to impressed about what the man did and stood for but now it's clear Palin sealed the deal for me. well just look at this: She has a float plane! and loves to hunt and fish. How cool is that they got my vote. Oh, if you haven't voted yet here place do so on the right side of the screen. The other thing that happened today was I bought an AR-15 well sort-of. If you are wondering what an AR-15 is it's the semi-auto version of an M-16 see below: But with my first piece I didn't buy that whole thing just the part with the serial number on it that part the government considers the "firearm" this: It's not much I know and it will be a little while til I get all the parts together that I want and it needs to shoot. But it's a start and it'll

support aviation

New saying

well I learned a new saying today from the old guy who works in the pilot shop. He is one of those people that you always seem to talk and then some who he talks about the days when he was flying. Good guy. Reminds me of my grandpa. So I leaving the store he says referring to me flying,  "Hey you have fun, remember It's the best you can do with your clothes on."   I thought about it and I like it and for me it's true.

new cars!... but not for me

It all started on Sunday I get a call from my mom and she says we have to come over they have a surprise to show us. With that I knew they bought something and I knew it's has to big because they won't tell us what it was. I thought it a car or a new TV. I was hoping it was a TV because then we would get there old one. They told all this while we were at urgent care finding out Jessica has strep. After getting the meds and getting Jessica comfortable I went to my parents and I pulled in the drive and saw 2 new cars a Nissan Titan and an Xterra.  My dad had always wanted a truck and has been trying to get on for the past 10 years or so. I guess there was a deal in the paper where you could buy one car and get another for a dollar so they did that and got the 2nd car planning on selling it before they have to pay anything on it.  I took them both for a test drive I like them both. So if there is anyone out there that wants a 2008 Xterra with less then 100 miles on it let them or

Sick... well not me...

first things first we sold are love seat and our sofa so the pic below with those two around the love sac is no more. now it's just the love sac. We are planning on buying a sofa sometime but I don't know when. but for right now Jessica is sick. She felt bad on Saturday and then sunday she was no good. we went to one of those urgent care centers and found it was Strep-throat. She went to target and got some drugs and have been inside ever since well except for this morning when we drove to her school and had to finish up stuff for the sub. luckily we've signed up for a free trail of Netflix and have been watching ER all weekend and today we're into season 9 now (dr. greene just died). and no we didn't start at season 1. I like it but ya... all signed up for classes heres a list if you would to know: - AMT 214 Comml/Instrument Ground School 1 - AMT 280 Aero Structures/Matl & Systems + Lab - AMT 200 Flight Safety 2 - AMT 201 Air Traffic Control - PHY 111 Gene

Love Sac

Here it is! The LoveSac Yes and it is wonderful after the 3 days it took to fluff it. They don't tell you about that when you buy it.  We love the Sac! 


This is the Greenbook . I made it a few months ago for my brother. It's all the really good talks that I found on my mission and most the talks that are sited in Preach My Gospel. I think it's way cool. You can order one for your self from the link above. I don't make any profit.

Cabin in Payson, Arizona

I took this video way back in 2004 when Grandma and Grandpa Mabry were selling their cabin in Payson, AZ and since just getting a mac I thought I would put it all together and well here it is. I had some great memories there.

Back from Colorado

We made the 400 mile trip from Payson, UT to Creede, CO  to see my grandparents there it was truly breathtaking there. My wife goes in to more details about the trip.  Pictures of the Trip... are here of the whole trip i put on facebook. I love going on trips and getting away and just forgetting about everything back home. but it's also good to be back.

Old Friends

I'm in Utah with Jessica's family still and it's been really fun you can read all about what we've been doing on her , her mother's , and brother's blog. Last friday I called an old missionary friend up. We never were companion but we lived in the same apartment in Almere for 3 months. Well turns out he had one ticket to the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert in Layton. And it was already a sort of guy night out because John (the friend) wasn't going with his girlfriend. I asked Jessica if I could go and she let me. The drive up there is over an hour. I went early to talk to John. It was great catching up and talk to and in Dutch. Then off to the concert me, John and two of his friends. We had font row seat right in the middle of the stage. (John got them for free) The concert was amazing! They were so good. The solo's were great not to long or short and it seemed like they didn't miss a note. Very professional, very nice. The whole time I wanted to jus


So I have this little obsession with my iTunes there is a thing in it where you can you see the CD covers but I did most of the music I have but there are a few CD's that I can't find the album artwork anywhere on the web or I can't take the image. I decided to just scan the covers into the computer but all so put it online for anyone else who has that same obsession. This is a CD that they sadly don't sell anymore. "259 Christmas" by 259. It Rob Gardner's first group, if you can ever get a hold of it I would recommend it to anyone.   These two CD I got on my mission from a member in Groningen, Harm Wierda, who is starting to make a name for him self if you google him. He was in a Dutch band (that sings in english) named Planet Orange These are two of there CD's "Lollypop Barbershop" and "Drip Drop Drippin'" I think there not bad.

No More Work

Last Friday was my last day at work well for Med+One Healthcare  I think. They really love there so I'm sure I could go back if I needed to. I stopped work not because I'm a bum but I'm going to go to school full time well almost over time, and get everything done so I can start flying and get paid to do it asap. Plus I have a wonderful wife who has a great job this year. We are really blessed and I'm really thankful for that.

Trash can

When I go shopping although it is not always true I like to find things that I need. Like this trash can. We would come home the house wold stink from the Trash so we'd have to take out the trash all the time. So we heard about this trash can from our friends that seals in the smell. We had some gift cards to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so we went out and got one. And after about week of use it really does work the smell in the apartment is gone. It's great. I would recommend it to anyone.


Went to the D-Backs game tonight for Janaya's birthday it was way fun. We won 11-1 and plus got a FREE chalupa and thrust buster!