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Cabin in Payson, Arizona

I took this video way back in 2004 when Grandma and Grandpa Mabry were selling their cabin in Payson, AZ and since just getting a mac I thought I would put it all together and well here it is. I had some great memories there.


paula said…
Oh Trevor, you made me cry. We did have lots of wonderful memories there. Thank you for sharing.
paula said…
I am giving my memory of you here if that is okay. It is hard for a mom to give one memory of their child because life is made up of so many. It is a wonder you survived my mothering skills. I know I have improved and I am thankful you turned out so wonderful, despite me.
*I love the moment you looked into the Grand Canyon and realized that this was going to be harder than you thought. All the color drained from your face.
*Your delight when you came home from Philmont the first time. Your joy was contagious.
*The first time you passed the sacrament.
*When you made the decision to put your puppy to sleep, such a hard, painful decision.
*Your face when I told the doctor to correct your arm w/o anestesia.
*Talking to you on your mission, having nothing left to say, but not wanting to hang up.
*Seeing you and the rest of God's army walking down the terminal in Belgium, I have no words to describe it.
*Our trip in Europe. Travel log from the back seat of a car.
*Watching you marry Jessica in the temple.

That's a few of a billion. I love you so much Trevor.

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