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Walking through History

I wrote this post in April 2017 and never posted it. So here it is: Last weekend I had the chance to walk through Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress and a Consolidated B-24J Liberator. On display they also had a North American TF-51D Mustang and a North American B-25 Mitchell. I have never been inside of a B-24 before and was surprised on how much room there was inside compared to the B-17. The pilot of the B-24 said that it in the only one flying in the world. The Collings Foundation let us and everyone that wanted to walk all the way though both of them. My 2 year-old had an awesome time climbing in out and sitting in the gunner positions. My late grandfather was a navigator in World War 2 in B-17s. He was lucky that he never saw combat being an instructor most of the war. I’m always awestruck at the level of simplicity and also complexity these aircraft have. Also the level of team work that had to go on during a mission. Although my son might not realize how much history he is climbing