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Mesa-Payson-St. George

Last thursday I went flying but that was my first flight that I took some one some where and left them there. The some ones were my Grandparents that live in Payson, AZ. They needed to go to St. George, UT to get their new truck and instead of driving 8 hours there then having to drive 2 cars back. They asked if I could fly them and since they didn't pay for the whole thing it was legal. I love to take any excuse to fly any where and I knew this flight would be a time saver for them because you can fly over the Grand Canyon only taking about 2 hours. The day was just right. I got up the flew to payson and pick them up then we were off to St. George. Flying over the canyon was very beautiful. I didn't get any pictures for the flight but when I got back in to mesa there was a ton of apache helicopters on the ramp so I have a cell phone pic of that.