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So I have this little obsession with my iTunes there is a thing in it where you can you see the CD covers but I did most of the music I have but there are a few CD's that I can't find the album artwork anywhere on the web or I can't take the image. I decided to just scan the covers into the computer but all so put it online for anyone else who has that same obsession. This is a CD that they sadly don't sell anymore. "259 Christmas" by 259. It Rob Gardner's first group, if you can ever get a hold of it I would recommend it to anyone.   These two CD I got on my mission from a member in Groningen, Harm Wierda, who is starting to make a name for him self if you google him. He was in a Dutch band (that sings in english) named Planet Orange These are two of there CD's "Lollypop Barbershop" and "Drip Drop Drippin'" I think there not bad.

No More Work

Last Friday was my last day at work well for Med+One Healthcare  I think. They really love there so I'm sure I could go back if I needed to. I stopped work not because I'm a bum but I'm going to go to school full time well almost over time, and get everything done so I can start flying and get paid to do it asap. Plus I have a wonderful wife who has a great job this year. We are really blessed and I'm really thankful for that.

Trash can

When I go shopping although it is not always true I like to find things that I need. Like this trash can. We would come home the house wold stink from the Trash so we'd have to take out the trash all the time. So we heard about this trash can from our friends that seals in the smell. We had some gift cards to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so we went out and got one. And after about week of use it really does work the smell in the apartment is gone. It's great. I would recommend it to anyone.


Went to the D-Backs game tonight for Janaya's birthday it was way fun. We won 11-1 and plus got a FREE chalupa and thrust buster!


I never really understood that term until I started flying. When you are on the ground you are not in the air doing what you want to. Last night I was planning on doing a night flight the weather was beautiful and the airport looked so cool all lit up at night. Everything looked good until we taxied up to the runway and did the run-up check where we check everything one last time before we take off. The alternator indicator was reading 0 amps which is bad meaning we were only run on the battery which is not safe so so taxied back and wrote it up and will try again another night. But that is part of flying is knowing when not to fly. Other news, my brother Brendon got his mission call today: Seattle, Washington!

Valley Rally take 2 and Thatcher

well to start with the weekend and yes we went to Thatcher. It's is south east Arizona for those that don't know what I'm talking about. We went to go see the home coming talk from my cousin Kade. He just got back from his mission in Vera Cruz Mexico. I thought it was a 3 hour drive there, but when we plugged all the info in to our new GPS, not that we needed to I'd been there a thousand times but we just wanted to try it out, it said it was only going to be just under a 2 1/2 hours which I thought was weird. I didn't even speed and it took just over 2 hours so I don't know if I went super slow the other time I went but it was weird. Kade gave a good talk and it was to good to see the family and all.  Then to day I had no math homework. :) and I did the same flight that I did last week so I could practice really doing good on the radios. I was much better. I really love flying it so fun to look over everything and just cruise along I almost forget it's schoo

Valley Rally

I went flying this afternoon. I was also supposed to go last night but it was too windy for the little planes we fly so it had to wait for another night. (which I'm excited for) Today we did we the school calls the valley rally where basically you fly at a lot of different airports all over the valley right after one another. It helped me learn how to fly and talk on the radio and listen to two channels at the same time. It was crazy but so much fun. We started at Gateway then flew to Chandler did a touch-n-go then call Sky Harbor to fly over in their airspace. Then went to Deer Valley, Scottsdale, and Falcon (they were nice there, not so much at Scottsdale) and did touch-n-gos there too. then came back to Gateway. I loved seeing the city like that and all the different airports. We are probably going to do the flight again on monday to get some more practice in. and maybe change it up a bit. we'll see.

Long Day

Today seemed extra long mostly because I had to stay at school until 530pm (my class ends a 1110am) for this safety meeting that the whole department has to go to. They are a little informative but mostly really boring and waste of time. At a bad time too.  plus the 30 min. drive home all makes for long day. But the plus side is I do my homework at school so I can come home and in the words of the Dutch "chill" I finally got the pictures of when I soloed for the first time in an air plane from my instructor yesterday.  so here a link to them. solo photo

back in AZ

We had a great trip to Catalina Island. Jessica goes in to pretty good detail so you can read more about there. I did post some pictures of the trip on facebook I put a link below and some videos on facebook, if you can get in there. Honeymoon Today I started summer school I'm taking a math class. The professor seems ok but I'll see how it all works out.