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So I have this little obsession with my iTunes there is a thing in it where you can you see the CD covers but I did most of the music I have but there are a few CD's that I can't find the album artwork anywhere on the web or I can't take the image. I decided to just scan the covers into the computer but all so put it online for anyone else who has that same obsession.

This is a CD that they sadly don't sell anymore. "259 Christmas" by 259. It Rob Gardner's first group, if you can ever get a hold of it I would recommend it to anyone.

These two CD I got on my mission from a member in Groningen, Harm Wierda, who is starting to make a name for him self if you google him. He was in a Dutch band (that sings in english) named Planet Orange These are two of there CD's "Lollypop Barbershop" and "Drip Drop Drippin'" I think there not bad.


Jessica said…
This definitely is an obsession. Oh yeah, and I love these cds!

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