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Showing posts from March, 2015

Tony's First Flight

Tony a friend from work has been asking me to take him up flying. Actually he is an avid skydiver and has been asking me to jump out of my airplane. After we agreed there would be no jumping we set off yesterday. We flew out over the bay and since he had never landed in a small airplane before we did a few touch-n-gos. It had been raining the day before and was projected to rain yesterday but it didn't so the skies really claim and no one was out flying because they thought it was going to be rainy. It made for great conditions. His excitement was just contagious it was so fun to be with someone that was so enthusiastic about aviation. He reminded me of when I first got an aviation and made me love flying all over again. 

Flight Review

Back in February I finally did my flight review for the next coming year. Our club requires a yearly review, which is good since I had not been flying in almost a years time. So my wonderful flight instructor Shairre, my son and I set out over the bay of San Diego to do some turns, stalls and landings. We got to see the sunset over the water and then work on some night landings it was a great evening.