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up and over AJ

I went flying today up around Apache Junction it was a short flight just to east and Falcon Field but it was an amazing day to fly I just couldn't pass it up. Nice and over cast, not too hot, and smooth air. What else would anyone want. Inside of the 1950's Cessna 120 over AJ this is a weird camera angle for me... or maybe I'm just weird. more of AJ Falcon Field on left downwind for 22L

GA Services America

I've felt for a while that I've need to write about this. I wanted to bring up what General Aviation or GA is. Basically it's any part of Aviation that is not Commercial Airlines or Military. So Commercial operations like charter flights, business aviation, the big UPS and Fedx jets that fly out of Sky Harbor as well as the little ups planes that flies in to places like Safford and Payson are all GA. Crop-dusters, ariel firefighters, pilots that fly supplies to people that can't get it any other way, search and rescue workers, the forest service, flight instructors, as well as anyone with there own airplane is GA.  The problem is that most people think that General Aviation is only, stereotypically, rich people with their own airplane. The problem with this is that the Government now seems to want to tax more of the rich, but GA is not rich. Sure there is rich people that fly for pleaser but going after GA as a whole is wrong way to get money out of those people. The r

[Video] Sells, AZ E78 airport

I Flew to Sells, AZ today. I love finding and going to new airports. This one is a smaller airport with tight runway with cracks in the pavement lined with bushes and trees. I had never landed with trees so close to the runway it was a neat new experience. This is looking down runway 22  My trusty 152 at the runway 4 end. The house that had a helicopter take off from it and what looked like a fuel truck was there. What was the FBO. E78 from the air. Saw this after I landed at Chandler (CHD).  very nice.