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Flying to the Grand Canyon

Flew up to the Grand Canyon yesterday. I needed to work on hours for my Commercial license and this seemed like a great way to do it. So my instructor and I flew up to the Grand Canyon airport when when we got there we saw this old Ford Tri-motor take off that does tours. Very neat. 
We went into the Park and had lunch then went and looked around. This is snow in the desert.
They had snow fall on Monday and this is what's left of a snow man.
This is us flying over the east end of the canyon.
Me :)
flying over the west end

Bright angel where we were just standing and ate lunch.
the airport (GCN)
Me in the plane after we were back in Chandler. (CHD)


paula said…
Really neat pictures. And don't you look all pro. Might need to take your mom for a ride somewhere.
Kevra said…
wow thats really cool!

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