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It Came, It finally came!

Yes it came! you are asking your self what and then sneaking a peek at the pictures below. I got a new license plate. For some time I've been obsessed for some reason with license plates. I've even had to change my mother-in-law's plate. It all started with Jessica's car and the dealership license plates cover that was around it. I wanted to take it off but she wouldn't let. She said it looked funny with out a cover. So I was out to find a new cover that fit just right. She loves frogs and was looking to something that was frog that didn't say "I'm a tree huger" and I couldn't ever find one so I went for the next best thing. School. I found the NAU bookstore , Jessica's alma mater, online and she found one she liked. and here it is I think. I fit her car quite well.

In the mean time I was thinking about my own car and I been feeling that I need to jazz it up a bit. I bought a sparky sticker for the window but that just wasn't enough then I felt inspired this one of my favorite web sites.

I thought it was cool so I thought I get a flight oriented custom ASU plate the next time my registration came around. Then Jessica said why don't you just do it now. I didn't even think you could but she was right. We spent some time trying to figure out what to put on it. I knew I wanted something to do about flying and on the ASU plates you can only have 5 letters. We tried lot of different things: FLY, FLGHT, IFLY, PILOT, etc. Which were all taken. Then found WEFLY, and FLYBY that were available we like that the 2nd. I put in the order and 14-20 business days later it's all on my car. I think I looks great.

For a while I had noticed that there were holes to mount a plate on the front of my car. I settled on a scuba flag (red with a white strip) and there is a shark to make it look cool.


Jessica said…
I like how you took the pictures of our cars in such a way as to make your car's butt look smaller than my car's butt. That wasn't very nice. Just remember that when I have the camera someday...
paula said…
I love the plates and the Nau (go Lumberjacks!).
paula said…
Brendon will love the ASU (go Devils!)
Michael said…
Ha. funny times. I like how you have one license plate that talks about the air and another that talks about the water.

People who don't know better will think that you just hate keeping your feet on the ground.

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