Monday, November 16, 2009

First Formation Flight

I did my first formation flight, ok so it wasn’t a true formation we still had lots of room between us but it was closest that I’ve ever intentionally been to an other aircraft. I’m with my friend David from school and meet up with some other friends in the air to a fly-in breakfast that we didn’t know we were all going to.

After breakfast we talked on the ground and thought we should meet up in the air and snap some photos of each other. We decided that we should go first and be the point of the 3 since we were in a high wing Cessna and they were both in low wing. We would get establish on an altitude and they would come up behind and below on ether side of us so we could all see each other the whole time. We are all new at this and this is this first time for most of us. I don’t do much talking in the podcast but I am very much there, we had decided to have David take the radios and I just fly the plane. We never really got too close but it was a blast doing it.

The pics below are some of the pictures we took I don't have a map of this flight but you can look back to last months flight to the same breakfast were we are flying almost the same route.

waiting to take off that is David and I are in the Cessna in the front.

You can almost see our smiling faces in this one.

the view from our right side

and out our left side

This is us bugging out.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Copperstate 2009 part 2

This is part two of the podcast where we are flying back from Copperstate 2009 at Case Grande Airport (CGZ) It's not a long flight but a fun one. I posted pictures and the 3D map of this trip on the previous post Copperstate 2009 part 1. The podcast is below. enjoy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Copperstate 2009 part 1

This episode is part 1 of flying with my friends Nick and Jacob to Copperstate 2009 last month. Copperstate is an EAA event and I would say that it is like Arizona’s Oshkosh. It’s is at Case Grande Airport (KCGZ) just about .5 hobbs south of Chandler where we flew out of.

Below are some pics from the day we were there and this podcast, part 1, is us flying there. Hope you enjoy.

This Trimotor was giving rides that I should have taken but we saw flying in and out all day.

This is the heli we got a ride in.

Jacob and the Heli pilot

Nick and I

nice bikes that I could see my self on.

Trimotor taking off.

the only jet there.

The l-39 on take off

2 Apache coming in

Kicking up some dust


Don't know how one got this

2 heli's and the jet

taking off

checking out a Huskey

sitting in the roomy Super Sport Cub

Over fly of some Stermans

Flying back

View a 3D map of this flight using Google Earth