Friday, November 30, 2012

Passed ASTAC

I passed my last section and the finals week. The last thing that we had to learn was P-3C Orion employment. They are the only fixed wing aircraft that we control on a regular basis. That is because  they like to fly low and they do ASW. I passed that week's test and then move on the to the finals week which was a recap of all that we learn through the couse in one week it was 4 different tests and I passed. We get our call signs and graduate next week.

P-3C Orion


paula said...

So proud of you! Big congrats and hugs from us.

Dianne said...

Hooray for you! What an accomplishment. I can't wait to hear what your call sign is. I hope it's a good one and something creative. Hope you have lots of opportunities in the future to use what you've learned as well as your "new name".

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