Thursday, July 30, 2009

Form 5

This morning I took my Form 5 checkride and passed.

A few weeks ago I talked about how I had joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and am having a blast. There is a link on the side bar too. I joined to help build my flight hours and also the idea of low-level search and rescue (SAR) sounds fun to me too. Today was the first step to be coming a SAR mission pilot I took what is called the Form 5 flight evaluation which basically lets everyone know that you are serious about flying for CAP. What it is, is a mini private pilot checkride that is very relaxed. What we did was took-off from Chandler and stayed over the farm fields between there and Casa Grande. Did some things like steep turns, stalls, turns around a point, and landings. I didn't do everything perfect (maybe I'm too hard on myself) but I thought I did well and my instructor did too and passed me.

Like I said this is just the first step. Getting the Form 5 means I can rent a CAP plane if I want which I pay and I can also transport it or people if needed for CAP which is paid for (free time). Nothing to do with SAR though that is Form 91 and I have lots of paper work and training in between to get there. I dosen't go in order 5 through 91 but it might be that much paperwork. But I'm having fun doing it all.

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paula said...

Go Trevor! CAP is goig to find out how lucky they are to have you.