Friday, July 17, 2009

Page AZ the Vortex where things go wrong

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Still trying to get my 250nm solo cross country I decided to fly to Utah last Wednesday. Jessica had driven up with her mom the to be where it is cool and help her grandma. The plan was to fly up on Wednesday and back on Friday. Although I was taking a faster Cessna 172 it couldn't make the 455nm flight to Spanish Fork so I had to stop somewhere for fuel

The flight was going great until I got to Page, AZ, my planned stop for fuel. The landing I made was beautiful if I don't say so, but it was really rough after the nose wheel touched so I taxied off. Low and behold the nose tire was flat. So 2 1/2 hours later because of the incompetency of the mechanic there I was back in the air.

The stay in Utah was great nice cool air and temps with a wonderful wife. Friday on the way back everything was great until I got to Page. I landed, fueled up everything seemed normal got in the plane the thing wouldn't start. The starter wasn't engaging the prop. I asked the mechanic to hand prop it (kind of like rolling a car down a hill to get it started). The mechanic didn't know how. The best advice was to let it cool down so I did and one hour later it was up and running and I was in the air and never going back to Page, at least in an airplane.

over PHX early in the morning on Wednesday.
downtown Phoenix
Sedona red rocks

This is why it took 2 1/2 hours. (note the top of the plane on the ground) I really didn't know at the time that you had to take everything apart it was my first flat tire. I found this out after talking with the owner.
Glen Canyon Dam
Payson, UT
Rocky Mt.
Flying back on Friday yes I'm wearing a jacket it was 50F at 11,000ft.
more of the beautiful mountains I flew through that morning.


Kelly Muys Wood said...

I have always wanted to get my pilots license. This looks like so much fun!

paula said...

I love all the pictures on this and the other posts. What a wonderful way to see the world, most of us don't get to. Thanks for sharing them. OH and you have truly mastered the art of taking a picture of yourself, you must have long arms and know how to hold your head so you don't look like you are falling over. (personl experience) Love ya.

Michael said...

Were you on the youth conference trip where we visited glen canyon dam? I remember a TON of dam jokes.

Trevor said...

haha I was there and remember all those dam jokes. :P

MommaMarini said...

Those pictures make me breathless!