Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[Video] Chandler to Payson, AZ

This is my new DIY camera clip that I made to hold my my camera and clip it to the dash board. I drilled a hole in the top and put a screw in there it worked pretty well. As you can tell from the video.

Went to Payson, AZ to take some pics of a train set my Grandpa wants me to sell on ebay. I still need flight time so flew. It's just over 50nm but climbs 4000ft. in elevation so the ground comes up to meet you.

View CHD to PAN in a larger map

Started in Chandler 0530 trying to beat the heat it was still just about 90F when I left.
Mt. Ord
Flying back into the valley about 0930 just under 100F


paula said...

Love it!!!! The clip worked great, no vibration at all and some awesome pics. Good work Smithy!

Nick said...

LOL, I love it at about 1:20-1:26 on the video. Looks like you killed the engine and the prop is just feathering. I love "optical illusions." ;)