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The other day I was trying to fullfil my commercial solo cross country for an airport over 250nm away, well I didn't realize that the airport only had to be 250nm not that I had to fly there non-stop. So my plan was to fly from Chandler, AZ to Cedar City, UT in a 152. Which is a little 2 seat plane. After taking off and in cruse for awhile, like any good pilot I started to check my flight with the flight plan I had made I noticed I was flying at 80kts when I had planned on going at 100kts. With only 4 hours of fuel I did a few time/distance problems and I found out I wasn't going to make it to Cedar City so I landed short of my 250nm airport by 8 miles. and not knowing at the time that if I could have just stopped, fueled and continued a little and landed I would have completed the requirement that's what I get for not reading the regs all the way. Good thing I'm not going to become a lawyer.

View 1L8 in a larger map

Early morning in Chandler, AZ

over the Grand Canyon
more of the Grand CanyonHurricane, UT
me and the famous Hurricane cliffs you can decide what the Mt. looks like.
I like how it says terminal 1 like there was a number 2
they did sky diving out of this airplane the door opened up, very small.
arial shot of Hurricane
Flying back home over Phx. If you look close there is a plane just about to land on the far right runway.


Sarah said…
The funny thing about that last picture is if you click on it & after it blows up you can see the plane almost to land!! I love your pictures. But shouldn't you be flying & not taking pictures. But I'm glad you can do it safely. So I just had to share... Zach just told me someone was at the door & asked me to get it. I said sure but I'm positive it's for you. Of course I'm right... The door was for him!
Bill Williams said…
Sucks that you didn't know you could continue. This was interesting to me, though, because I just flew to Hurricane in my 182 for a Triathlon that I did in May. Tiny little runway, eh?

Glad you finally got that XC done, though.

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