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[Video] CAP Mountain Ground School

Got my first free flying "mission" with CAP today. It wasn't a lot it was a short 20min flight from Chandler to Deer Valley airport and back. I shared the flight with 2 others so I only flew on the way back. All the pics I took from the back seat on the way there. I hadn't been in the back for about 6-7 years. The pic below is some of the CAP planes in a row before we left at Deer Valley and it looked cool.

Here is what we flew. I think I would fly around the valley when I do it again because of all the extra radios that are in the CAP airplane there was tons of static and radio interference around south mt. (two peaks on the map) from all the radio towers on top.

the flag on my shoulder
Chandler tower
flying over Stellar airpark
south mountain
this is a military center of some sort the radar gave it a away but I'm not quiet sure, looks army
Deer Valley's brand new tower
At Deer Valley we had a few hour class about mountain flying it was very informative, really a great class and great things to know in Arizona.


MommaMarini said…
That is amazing, I can't believe you fly! I've always wondered what it would be like to have the freedom of a bird.

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